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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Connect Spot?

A Connect Spot is a fast and safe way to interact with your favorite businesses. You can use them to add your name to a wait list, to pick up your order, or to simply ask for help. Open your phone camera to automatically scan the code to get started. We’ll take it from there and will let you know what to do next.

Do I have to download an app?

No, simply open the camera on your phone and scan the Connect Spot. Follow the on-screen instructions and we’ll take it from there.

What information are you using from my device?

We take your privacy seriously and ensure that you have a fast, safe, and convenient engagement with your favorite business. We do not have access to nor can we take any information that you do not expressly provide or authorize.

Will I be charged to use this?

The business does not charge you to use Connect Spots, however, standard message and data rates from your carrier may apply.

How does a Connect Spot work?

When your favorite business adds Connect Spots, they will configure them to enable a fast and safe way for you to interact with them. They may set them up to allow you to check-in and add your name to a wait list, to view a menu, to ask for assistance, to pick up an order or just about anything. Once you scan the code, follow the on screen instructions and help will be on the way!

Connect Spot is simple, safe and super convenient. We never share or sell your data. We are an exciting new way to connect ‘on the spot’ with the businesses you know and trust.

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